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We offer the same high standard of building survey to people who are selling their homes as provided for prospective purchasers.

Our report details significant defects, puts them into perspective, lists repairs and provides an approximate cost of works.

Risk of the sale failing

It deals with the risk that the sale of your home will collapse when the purchasers surveyor reports that there are defects in the building.

It provides sufficient information for prospective purchasers to make decisions.  On exchange of contracts we extend full responsibility to the purchaser.


Some purchasers use survey reports as a reason to 'gazunder' i.e. reduce their offer just before exchange of contracts.  Our sellerís survey establishes the condition of the property at the beginning of the sales process and reduces risk.

Presenting your home in saleable condition

Many house vendors are confident that their home is in good condition but are aware that potential purchasers will be less confident.

Our sellerís survey overcomes this lack of confidence by presenting the property with a report on its condition.

Some house vendors are not fully aware of the condition of their property and our report either confirms that it is in good condition or advises on any outstanding repairs which may prevent a sale going through.

Our report may be presented to prospective purchasers with receipts for work carried out following our survey to show that the property has been put into good, saleable condition.

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Sellerís survey Ė the cost

Our sellerís surveys costs no more than the survey that a purchaser would arrange but have the benefit of being available at the beginning of the sale process rather than at the end. 

We are aware that vendors face many costs in the home sales process which are often funded from the sale proceeds.  For this reason, payment may be made on exchange of contracts or 3 months after our survey whichever is earlier.  We take credit card details prior to our inspection.

Discounts for both a sellerís survey and a purchaserís survey

Where a client wishes to instruct us to carry out both a sellerís survey of their existing home and a survey of their new home we reduce our fees by 5%.

Recovering costs from the purchaser?

Some vendors recover the cost of our survey from the purchaser, who will benefit from its contents.  However, this happens in few cases.

Lloyd Davies Surveyors?

Ours is an independent firm of surveyors established in 1996 providing advice on the value and condition of residential and commercial property in the London, Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex and Kent area.

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