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Property is expensive whether a shop, office, workshop or factory.  Your solicitor will guide you around the legal problems.  A surveyor will investigate a number of practical matters.

It makes sense to find out all you can about the property you intend to buy or lease.

  • Is it properly built?

  • Does it need extensive repair?

  • Are maintenance costs going to be high?

A small shop or office suite you may include responsibility for a share of the cost of repairing the whole building.  The only way to find out about the structural condition is to have a building survey carried out by an expert.

Serious defects may be found or you may find peace of mind in knowing that the building is sound.  Many clients are able to negotiate for work to be done or the price to be reduced, or a rent free period.  Others are prevented from making a costly or ill advised purchase.  The report can also be used to plan future maintenance.

Are both the Survey and the Bank Valuation necessary?

Yes.  A valuation is not a building survey.  The sole purpose of the valuation inspection is to ensure that the loan can be recovered by selling the property if necessary.  The valuer does not carry out a building survey. 

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The different types of survey:

Mortgage Valuation

This is a report on the value of the property for your bank.  It is not a report on the condition of your property. 

Building Survey

This is the industry standard report.  It is 'bespoke' rather than 'standard'.  It is suitable for all types of commercial property including period, historic and listed buildings and those which have been altered, extended, or which have suffered structural damage.

Survey Fees

The cost of a survey depends upon the age and type of property.  We shall give a fixed fee quotation over the telephone and in writing.

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What does the surveyor do?

We look at every part of the property which is readily accessible and give a detailed report.

The report will tell you whether the property is structurally sound and if any cracks are important.  It will advise on the condition of the roof and rainwater pipes and let you know if the property is dry and weather tight.  It will report any rising dampness or lack of pointing allowing water to penetrate walls.

Some clients are concerned about woodworm and dry rot.  Depending upon how much of the timber we are able to inspect, we will comment on any problems found and put their seriousness into perspective.  If we feel that further investigations should be made, where we are unable to inspect on our first visit, then we will tell you so.

The water supply will be examined as far as possible and we will comment on the tanks, cisterns and other items which might cause trouble soon after purchase.

The report will enable you to make decisions about the property before you commit yourself to purchase and afterwards will help you to plan the repairs and maintenance.  We cannot take the property to pieces and look at every part.  We shall advise you if there are any signs which might be a clue to more major defects, and if there is something important which we could not inspect.

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Building services

We make a visual inspection of the services when carrying out a survey, but surveyors are not experts in these fields. We can arrange for tests of the services on your behalf with electrical engineers, heating engineers, plumbers, etc, if required.

Cost of repairs

Our report will give a rough guide to the costs of essential repairs recommended.  This is on the basis that builders price quotations will be obtained before exchange of contracts.

How long does a survey take?

We can normally inspect a property within a few days of receiving your instructions if access is available.  We recommend waiting for our written report before you commit to purchase.

Lloyd Davies Surveyors?

Ours is an independent firm of surveyors established in 1996 providing advice on the value and condition of residential and commercial property in the London, Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex and Kent area.

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